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Kunow Art Painting PDF

When I¿m not working in my artist studio, I¿m teaching students in mechanical engineering or practice engineering in global companies.Since more than 30 years I am working as a painter. I begin my work with an idea, the initial design, somewhat like an detective. Then I deconstruct the forms and play with shapes and colors.I like to paint the figures in expressive gestures, they are quarrelling, laughing, loving or just standing on its own. They attract people spontaneously because they look straight to them touching their feelings.Since a few years I also produce narrative daily sketches, drawings, collages, mixed media techniques from small to large sizes. As I like to transfer my figures in an animate world, they become more independent and vivid in three-dimensional works, objects and sculptures.



ISBN 9783750428294
AUTOR Annette Kunow
DATEINAME Kunow Art Painting.pdf

Annette Kunow, "Grüne Figur" With a click on 'Send as art card', you can send this art work to your friends - for free! | See more about Art Cards, Art and Friends. Annette Kunow – Owner – KISP Prof. Kunow + Partner GbR ...