Klarinette spielen - mein schönstes Hobby 1.pdf

Klarinette spielen - mein schönstes Hobby 1 PDF

The new clarinet method of Rudolf Mauz introduces pupils in a motivating and easily comprehensible way to learning how to play the instrument. It has been designed for young people and adults and is suitable for self-study and for the return to the instrument. A well-balanced mixture of pieces from classical music, folklore, pop and jazz to the beginnings of improvisation promises variety and fun when learning to play the instrument. The method is completed by proven exercises, well-founded practical tips and information on the instrument. The attached CD contains full and playback versions of the pieces. Suitable for the German fingering system and the Boehm clarinet.Instrumentation:clarinet



ISBN 9783795759384
AUTOR Rudolf Mauz
DATEINAME Klarinette spielen - mein schönstes Hobby 1.pdf

Die moderne Klarinettenschule für Jugendliche und Erwachsene. für Deutsche Klarinette und Boehm-Klarinette Autor: Mauz, RudolfBand­num­mer: Band 1Be­set­zung: KlarinetteAus­ga­be: Ausgabe mit CD Spra­che: deutschReihe: Klarinette spielen - mein schönstes Hobby Be­stell-Nr.: ED 20640ISBN: 978-3-7957-5938-4ISMN: 979-0-001-16847-2 Klarinette Spielen - mein schönstes Hobby - Spielbuch 1 1 ...