House of Five Leaves, Volume 4.pdf

House of Five Leaves, Volume 4 PDF

Reads R to L (Japanese Style), for audiences T+ With Masa having joined the crew, the fragile bonds between the members of the Five Leaves begin to change. Further changes are promised by the arrival of Ginta, a self-styled negotiator who learns of the existence of the Five Leaves and offers them his services. Meanwhile, the pressure on Yaichi increases as the members of his old gang continue to track him down. Burdened by the weight of his hidden past, his impervious facade begins to crack.



ISBN 9781421532134
AUTOR Natsume Ono
DATEINAME House of Five Leaves, Volume 4.pdf

House of Five Leaves - Entertainment - Kametsu 20.07.2010 · House of Five Leaves is a currently-airing anime based on a one volume manga by Natsume Ono. It follows a cowardly samurai ronin as he slowly becomes involved with a small criminal organization called the House of Five Leaves.