Boarding School Juliet 10.pdf

Boarding School Juliet 10 PDF

The Romeo and Juliet high school rom-com that inspired the anime! Rival dorms on an extravagant island campus fight a schoolyard war, but can two star-crossed lovers keep their budding relationship a secret?Come What Sorrow Can, It Cannot Countervail the Exchange of JoyIts a new school year at Dahlia Academy, and prefect selection season is now in full swing. After their confrontation with Inuzukas brother in Touwa, Inuzuka and Persia are more determined than ever to become prefects and change the school. But the road to prefect-dom is a rocky one indeed, and an uphill battle awaits them--the two secret sweethearts soon find themselves not only up against powerful rivals, both old and new, but theyll also need to persuade the entire student body...The time has come for Inuzuka and Persia to battle the entire school--in the name of love!



ISBN 9781632369048
AUTOR Yousuke Kaneda
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boarding school juliet gn vol 04 (c: 0-1-0) $ 10.99 On the fair island campus of Dahlia, the student body is split into two rival dorms: The Black Dog House of the eastern nation of Touwa, and the White Cats House of the West. Boarding School Juliet 10 - Another Universe