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An atlas of architectural culture with contributions by Thomas Auer, Armen Avanessian, Stefan Bergheim, Matthjs Bouw, Armin Linke, Erik Swyngedouw, as well as data and analyses of the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development.How are changing conditions in society likely to affect Germanys built environment? What are the catalysts for changes in its cities and regions? Speculations Transformations is devoted to the social and spatial changes that Germany will face in the future, speculating on their architectural consequences: What is it like to live in a city where the currency is energy instead of euros? What would happen if Hamburgs harbor would loose its function? What would be the spatial consequences if Germany were to measure its economic strength based on the well-being of its citizens?This publication combines different approaches to a future-oriented, interdisciplinary interpretation of Germany as a human habitat and helps to open up new directions in the design of city and space.Commissioned by the GERMAN FEDERAL MINISTRY FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, NATURE CONSERVATION, BUILDING AND NUCLEAR SAFETY (BMUB) and the GERMAN FEDERAL INSTITUTE FOR RESEARCH ON BUILDING, URBAN AFFAIRS AND SPATIAL DEVELOPMENT (BBSR).



ISBN 9783037784716
AUTOR Matthias Böttger, Stefan Carsten, Ludwig Engel
DATEINAME Spekulationen Transformationen.pdf

Kürzlich erschien in Zusammenarbeit mit Matthias Böttger und Stefan Carsten „Spekulationen Transformationen – Überlegungen zur Zukunft von Deutschlands Städten und Regionen“ (Lars Müller Publishers 2016). Für das Haus am Waldsee, Berlin, kuratierte er die Ausstellungen „Haus-Rucker-Co – Architekturutopie reloaded“ (2015) und Matthias Böttger, Stefan Carsten, and Ludwig Engel (eds.) Spekulationen Transformationen. Überlegungen zur Zukunft von Deutschlands Städten und Regionen.