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Gritty and scientifically accurate science fiction adventure from New York Times best-selling author Ben Bova and NASA space scientist Les Johnson.The first human mission to Mars meets with near-disaster when a meteoroid strikes the spacecraft, almost destroying it. The ship is too far from Earth to simply turn around and return home. The eight-person crew must ride their crippled ship to Mars while they desperately struggle to survive. On Earth, powerful political forces that oppose human spaceflight try to use the accident as proof that sending humans into space is too dangerous to continue. The whole human space flight program hangs in the balance. And if the astronauts can’t nurse their ship to Mars and back, the voyagers will become either the first Martian colonists—or the first humans to perish on another planet.About Rescue Mode: Space enthusiasts will appreciate the technical accuracy of Rescue Mode which reflects the engineering background of author Les Johnson, a rocket scientist. . . . Space enthusiasts . . . will want to add this one to their collection.—Ad Astra, National Space SocietyBova and Johnson artfully introduce us to the major players in . . . the ambitious program for humankind’s first manned mission to Mars . . . and a tribute to Bova and Johnson’s story-telling skill . . . [which] shows plausible scientists at work in spite of daunting obstacles. . . . a story well-told.—LabLitAbout Mars, Inc.: The Hugo winner returns to his most popular subject: the quest for Mars.—Publishers WeeklyAbout the award winning novels of Ben Bova: “Technically accurate and absorbing . . .”—Kirkus “[Bova is] the science fiction author who will have the greatest effect on the world.”—Ray Bradbury “A masterful storyteller”—Vector “Gives a good read while turning your eyes to what might be in the not so distant future, just like Clarke and Asimov used to do so well.”—SFX



ISBN 9781476736471
AUTOR Ben Bova, Les Johnson
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Hoffe mir kann jemand helfen. Komme nicht mehr in den rescue mode der DM. Anzeige bleibt rot. Auf dem display steht nur dreambox. Kann auch über die Adresse nicht zugreifen. Hat jemand eine Lösung? Habe über telnet den Befehl to-the-rescue eingegeben. Es… Komme zwar in den Rescue Mode aber nicht auf die Dream ...