Redefining Teaching Competence through Immersive Programs.pdf

Redefining Teaching Competence through Immersive Programs PDF

This edited book examines how teacher education utilises international immersion and field teaching (or service-learning) experience to develop teachers’ global, multilingual and intercultural competencies, in preparation for entering today’s culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms. Through a series of theory-based case studies, the authors demonstrate how teachers’ awareness of social inequities and responsive actions, the ability to bridge one’s own and others’ perspectives, and understanding of key principles of second language learning are pedagogical concepts and skills that become ever more essential across all mainstream K-12 educational contexts. The chapters bring together the voices of teacher educators, intercultural learning theorists and pre- and in-service teachers to identify threads of practice and theory that can be applied within teacher education more broadly. This book will be of interest to academics, instructors and graduate students in the fields of teacher education, language learning, intercultural communication and social justice education.



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Standards for Teacher Competence in … Further, such assessment training should be widely available to practicing teachers through staff development programs at the district and building levels. The standards are intended for use as: a guide for teacher educators as they design and approve programs for teacher preparation