Lourdes by Emile Zola, Fiction, Classics, Literary.pdf

Lourdes by Emile Zola, Fiction, Classics, Literary PDF

One of Zolas Three Cities Trilogy, Lourdes is a story surrounding the famous Catholic healing shrine in Southern France. Lourdes, in addition to telling the tales of many of the sick and dying pilgrims to the famous healing shrine, is also the story of doomed lovers, Pierre a priest who questions his faith, and his frail, sickly lover Marie de Geursaint, who, in finding a cure, perhaps, in the waters of Lourdes, becomes the books heroine. Although Maries triumphant cure is described glowingly, Pierre and the reader learn -- it is Marie who cured herself, not the holy waters of Lourdes -- and it is in that which lies Zolas message.



ISBN 9781603122504
AUTOR Emile Zola
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18 Jan 2013 ... Lourdes, originally published in 1894, is the first volume in Emile Zola's Three Cities Trilogy. ... Zola's novel takes place in the late 19th century, during a weekend of ... to squeeze into the better half of his prodigious literary output. ... His reading interests include classic literature, philosophy, art, history, ...