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Two girls whose lives couldnt be more different are brought together as pen pals in this riveting and haunting novel thats perfect for fans of Orange is the New Black and those interested in unpacking the reality of life behind bars.Mandy and Tracey have never met, but they know everything about each other. Connected through a pen-pal ad, they exchange frequent letters, writing about boyfriends, siblings, music, and friends. They trade stories about school and home. They confide their worries and hopes. It almost makes it easier, and more special, that theyve never met-they can say whatever they want in the safety of their private world of letters.But that private world may not be as safe as it seems. Can Mandy trust Tracey to be who she says she is? What secrets hide between the lines of their letters?A powerful book. . . . It will draw its readers in completely. - School Library Journal , StarredThe heart-wrenching conclusion will exert its power long after this book is read.- Publishers Weekly, StarredProof that originality need not be reserved for adults.- Kirkus ReviewsThe ending will shock you and . . . strangle your heart. - The Guardian



ISBN 9780440219514
AUTOR John Marsden
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In the book Letters From The Inside, John Marsden presents a character who wasn’t in a particularly honest friendship.I would argue that Mandy faced the challenge of a dishonest friendship with persistence and determination, showing that these qualities can get a truthful response out of a person. What do the letters on the inside of the Punnett … What do the letters inside of a Punnett Square represent? Genotype is represented as a symbol. It is what genes you have. a homozygous trait is when an offspring has either both dominant genes or both recessive genes from its parents.