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Conceived by Molly Hatch , a ceramic artist, illustrator, and former floral designer, Bouquet in a Book: Happy Day is an interactive gift book that transforms into a cheerful bouquet of ten flowers. Mollys painterly botanicals are a contemporary update to the Victorian notion of expressing oneself with carefully selected flowers. Each spread features a flower that flips up from the page, and a brief description of the flowers symbolism and its special message for the recipient. When all of the flowers are popped-up, the book can be displayed on a desk just like a vase of flowers. The book also includes space to write a personal note to the recipient.For those who love flowers and object-like books, Bouquet in a Book: Happy Day is wonderful gift for Mothers Day, birthdays, milestone events, and other celebratory occasions. This vibrant bouquet of yellow, golden orange, and coral pink blossoms conveys a message of joyfulness, accomplishment, and wellbeing.



ISBN 9781419729546
AUTOR Molly Hatch
DATEINAME Happy Day.pdf

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