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Hello and welcome. 

My name is Steven 'Doc' Holliday, and I have been fishing since I was 10 years old. I've fished many, many matches over the years and won many times using the pole, match rod and feeder. 

After 24 years in the Royal Air Force, in 2001, I settled down to live in Germany near Moenchengladbach, not far from the Dutch border town of Roermond.

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Unfortunately, fishing in Germany is extremely limited due to the ridiculous laws, so all of my fishing is in Holland, with the occasional trip back to England. I love the Dutch canals and small rivers - not so much the big boats that drive up and down them though. I have had some great days, catching big bags of Roach, Bream and Perch.

The River Berkel in Borculo - one of my favourite venues.

There is nothing better than getting out into the fresh air, amongst nature, and fishing. I find being at the water's edge very calming and it gives me a chance to regenerate. For many years, I was very competitive, but these days just a few matches each year keeps my competitive edge alive - in fact, when I'm pleasure fishing, I'm usually still trying the get the most out of a peg that I can.

A few Roach from a small Dutch lake on the pole

Writing about my fishing here is very enjoyable, and I like to let other people share in the knowledge I have gained fishing with the pole. 

I also fish with the Einfachstippen anglers, and write the English website that you can see here:  http://einfachstippen.com/

New content will be added to both sites regularly, so hope to be able to bring you lots of good information on pole fishing over the next few years.

The venues I fish range from small shallow canals and drains where small 0.2 g floats are the norm, to big powerful rivers where 50 gram flat floats are the order of the day.

The Oude Ijssel - a lovely venue.

Fishing the long pole and short line is one of my favourite methods, but I especially enjoy fishing the waggler - the method I first used when I began fishing almost 50 years ago. 

The long pole is a great method for presenting your bait very accurately. Seeing the elastic come out the end of the pole when you have a fish on is a little mesmerising. I love it.

Regardless of the kind of fishing you do, the main thing is to get out into the fresh air and enjoy your fishing.

I hope you like my Pole Fishing Homepage at that you find the information here helpful and informative. 

An Ide from the Canal in Weert - 6 lbs!

My Fishing History

Fishing is addictive and I was hooked when I was very young. I first started fishing when I was 10 years old on the Stainforth & Keadby Canal and Three Rivers near Keadby. There were loads of fish to catch and I spent every minute I could on the canal. I started with a match rod and the waggler - or bottom end only floats.

Pole fishing started to take off in the seventies, and my first pole was a bright orange 7 or 8 metre Garbolino telescopic pole with a crook top - a far cry from the systems we use today. I remember at first I found it very difficult, and on many occasions when I lifted the pole up (fishing to hand), all the sections collapsed together - that was so annoying.

It wasn't until after I joined the RAF in 1978, that I really got into pole fishing. When I first came over to Germany in 1984, we fished with the pole, feeder and waggler on some fantastic venues. The Ruhr at Kettwig was an amazing river - full of pristine Roach.

July 1985, fishing in Nijmegen - with a full head of hair!

During my time in the RAF, I fished in England, Germany, Holland, Belgium and Denmark. I was stationed in Germany for a total of 11 years, so did a lot of my fishing in Germany and Holland. 

RAF AA - Winning Inter-Services Team 1996

I had the honour to fish for the RAF in the Inter-Services on many occasions (being in the winning team every time) and also fished for the RAF team in the then NFA Division One National 5 times. My best individual result in the National was 78 points on the Witham for a section 4th.

Over the years I won many RAF league matches, festivals and even had several open match successes. However, like many of us with a family, it was always difficult to find time to fish. Now that my children are standing on their own two feet, I have more time (and money) on my hands - and I'm going to make the most of it.

Although I have left the RAF in live in Germany, I still keep in contact with my old RAF teammates, and I fish with them as an RAF Old Lag when I can. Living in Germany, means I don't get fish with them as often as I would like. 

The RAF Old Lags Team 2016 - Mick Dcaccia, Steve Metcalfe, Martin Halford, Spike Milligan, Phil Foster and Steve 'Doc' Holliday

I hope you enjoy browsing through my homepage, and also hope you pick up a few good tips.

Tight Lines,